Elks Distinguished Citizenship Award

Outgoing ER, Chris Crider, awarded Sandy Fuschetti, the Distinguished Citizenship Award for 2015-2016, at he New Officer Installation. Sandy was given the award for outstanding and Meritorious Service to Humanity & our 4 legged friends too!! (photo)

EDC Award Chris Crider Sandy Fuschetti c2

Volunteer of the Year

At the New Officer Installation, outgoing ER Chris Crider named John Mathison, VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR, 2015-2016, as an expression of the gratitude and appreciation of our Lodge for your hours of unselfish dedication! (photo)

Vol Yr Chris Crider John Mathison cw



Officer of the year

Outgoing ER Chris Crider named David Norwine, Trustee, OFFICER OF THE YEAR, at the New Officer Installation. He was awarded this title for his Dedicated and Meritorious service to our Lodge, by his unselfish Commitment and Cheerful Enthusiasm to Further Elkdom’s Programs ~ While Fulfilling the Responsibilities as an Officer in an Exemplary Manner. (photo)

David Norwine Off of Year Chris Crider

March Elk of the Month

Tom Crider, PER, has been awarded the Title, Elk of the Month for March for his “against all odds/above & beyond”, driving 100’s of miles, hours, tolls & trips to get our Lodge shopping done!

February Elk of the Month

Mark Daniels has been named Elk of the Month for February for his behind the scenes set up/take down/set up again/mopping/laundry, any time it was needed, in our Lodge Hall for all of our events during the year.

Grand Exalted Ruler’s Award Pin

A Grand Exalted Ruler’s Pin was awarded to Christopher Porche by the GER, Ronald Hicks. The pin was presented to Christopher at a Lodge meeting by Lodge Exalted Ruler, Chris Crider. This Pin is awarded for Excellence in Membership Procurement.

GER Pin Chris Porche photo GER Pin Chris Porche

Elks National Foundation -Honorary Founder Award

Our own Patricia Mullin, PER, has been awarded an Elks National Foundation’s Honorary Founders Pin. This was awarded because Patrica has reached a personal donation level of $1000.  This award was presented by Lakeland Lodge Exalted Ruler, Chris Crider at a Lodge meeting.

ENF Award Pin

Polk County Senior Orphan Donation

With a $2,000 Gratutude Grant  from the Grand Lodge, the Lakeland Elks Lodge utilized the money for the Polk County Senior Orphans. The Lodge furnished 22 bathtub chairs, five blood pressure monitors, toilet seat extensions and safety grab bars. The lodge then approved an additional $150 from their Charity Fund for additional incidentals. We also supplied them with those grabber type long handles that they can pick items up with, without bending over…..

Donation to Senior Orphans

Senior Orphans of Polk County was founded over twenty-five years ago to assist those less fortunate. The idea came from attending an organizational meeting of service programs in Polk County. The original goal was to help local, indigent seniors living with no family support and monthly incomes of $400 or less. Today that amount has increased to include those with monthly incomes of $600 or less. Senior Orphans is 100% volunteer driven with no administrative costs. We provide to the neediest of seniors—those on a fixed income of no more than $600 a month.

Many of us complain about trying to live off a few thousand dollars a month, let alone $600 per month. Yet right here in Polk County, many seniors are forced to live off this meager income. They are faced with the choice of eating or buying much needed medications on a daily basis. Sadly, many have discovered that Social Security isn’t enough to live on.

Senior Orphans was founded to help those in need and your donations can make such a difference in the lives of so many. With your donation of personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, bleach, toilet paper, paper towels, etc., thousands of needy seniors get help with their day-to-day living expenses. Seniors are screened through qualified agencies such as the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Polk Elderly Services or Peace River Association. Senior Orphans and the agency case managers are careful to ensure that the neediest of the needy receive assistance—and to avoid duplication of services. All a case manager has to do is call Senior Orphans, and they can pick up what they need right away—there is no waiting—to ensure the need is met, immediately.

For more information, please call Bev at 863-859-6547. Your donations of money or time will benefit so many!

Wounded Warriors Project & Lodge Fundraiser $3036

Wounded Warriors Prodject and the Lakeland Lodge held a joint Birthday Party fundraiser in January.

Lakeland Elks Lodge #1291, Exalted Ruler Chris Crider, presents Andy Burton and Billie Porsche with $3036.00 raised during their joint birthday party.

Wounded Worriors presentation

Wounded Worriors check

GER Membership Pins Awarded

Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Awards Pins were awarded to to Lakeland Lodge members. This award is presented to members for bringing in 3 new or re-instated members into the Lodge.

GER Membership Award photo

The Pins were awarded by Exalted Ruler Chris Crider to  Rick Burton and Michael Butler.

Previous Awards have been presented to:

Walter C. Thomas, Chris Porsche, Robert Halpin, Richard Burton, Mark Hussey, Michael Butler, Patrick Ennis,  & Bennie Allred.