Dart Season Starts Jan 10

Attention all Lodge members:

The next dart season starts in just two weeks on Jan 10th. I am sending an email out to all that have played in the last 4 years or so that might be interested in playing in our Fall 2019 Season.
I have some info on new players and existing team changes. If you played last season and are playing this season there is no need to respond.
If you are rejoining the league, new to the league, have changes to your team, or are not playing next season please respond to me only. Also if you know of anyone that did not receive this email and might be interested please forward the email and my info to them.
If you are interested in playing but don’t have a partner or have any questions please respond to me only as well. We should be able to find you a partner. I plan to have a final roster established in the next week. I will send out a confirmation email of players next Thursday and have the start of our 2019 schedule done by Tuesday the 8th.
I do not know what the rosters will look like yet but it is likely we will continue with the 3 division format that we used last season.
Because we are not having a pre-season meeting please feel free to send any comments/complaints, suggestions or recommendations to me. We will do our best to address each issue appropriately before the start of next season.
We are looking forward to a great season.  Good luck to all.
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