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The 27th Season has been suspended – 7/21/2020

Week 5 -Cricket Tournament

Week 3

Wk 3 B Div

Season 27, Week 2

Wk 2 B Div

Season 27 -Week 1

Wk 1 B Div 27

Week 13

Wk 13 B Div

Week 12

Wk 12 B Div

Week 10

Wk 10 B Div

Week 9

Wk 9 B Div

Week 8 (Rev)

Wk 8 B Div 2

Week 7

Wk 7 B Div

Week 6

Wk 6 B Div

Week 5

Wk 5 B Div

Week 4

Wk 4 B Div

Week 1 update

Wk 1 B Div

Season 26; Week 1

Wk 1 B Div 19b

Final Results for Season 25 (3 pages)

Final Post 25


We are finally all set for Thursday. I want to thank everyone for a great season. There was excitement and competition right down to the final week of the season in each division. Regardless of how you finished, we hope you had a great time and will be back for our summer/fall league.
Again, thanks to all for your support of our league and the lodge. We hope to see everyone here this Thursday to root for (or against) our remaining contenders as they vie for a spot on our wall.

The playoff match-ups and times are as follows:

B Division – Matches start @ 6:30 PM
Match 1 – Donny & Leroy vs. Rick & Keith on board 1.
Match 2 – Chris & Randall vs. Tom & Greg on board 4.

Week 14

Okay folks here we go the top 4 of each division is in the playoffs
1st will play 4th
2nd will play 3rd
Best 2 out of three no allstar points will be recorded for this event.
If you have a high in or out for week 14 you are the winner of that position.
Thanks for a great season//jc

Wk 14 B Div 19

Week 3

Wk3 B Div 19


Final Results 2018 Season

3rd Place – Tom and Greg
2nd Place – Donny and Leroy
1st Place – Mac and Vicki B

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3    (Rev 1)

Week 2

Week 1

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