From the Corner #2

The view from the corner.

OK dear readers, last week’s blog was done a little early, just so I could say a fond farewell to our outgoing Officers and welcome in our NEW Officers.  That being done, let’s see what this little blog will be all about.  In other words, LET THE RAMBLING BEGIN!

The other day I took a stroll around the Lodge, leaving my position at the corner of the bar, and happened to sit down out on the porch for little bit.  One of our Members had brought her dog with her for a visit.  This great big ball of furry happiness bouncing around the porch made me want to remind you all that if you have a little four legged canine friend, by all means, bring them in for a visit!  Certified Service Animals are always welcome in the Lodge, but anyone can bring their tail wagging children for a visit on the porch.

After visiting with our furry guest for a bit, I wandered back to the corner and have to say that we had a TON of make up dart games being made up.  It was a beautiful Sunday and it made my heart happy to see so many Elks in the Lodge, playing darts, laughing and enjoying an adult beverage, and greedily chomping down on Sunday Burgers served up by Bill N. and John R.  Great job boys!

Speaking of darts, a subject near and dear to my heart, I highly recommend each and every one of you, my dear readers, to try your hand in our Dart League.  We have three different divisions to accommodate pretty much any level of player.  We throw on Thursday nights starting at 6:30, so please head on down and at least take a look.  I can hear you all now, ‘But I don’t know how to play!’, or ‘Its been years since I played, I need some help!’.  Well, my rabid little readers, your Lodge has you covered!  Just this past Tuesday a new program kicked off at our Lodge; The Dart Clinic.  ‘What is that?’, you ask.  Well, hold your horses and let me explain!  Each Tuesday night (other than Lodge Meeting Nights), we will have coaches available pulled from our Dart League to assist you in pretty much any level of tutoring.  This past Tuesday we had total novices learn the rules and how to throw, right up to players leading the A League taking tips to improve their game.  No sign up is needed, just show up with your darts and a few quarters and have some fun.

I am sure that whomever it is that takes up the mantle of House Committee Chair will no doubt write articles for The Antlers looking for volunteers, something the Lodge is always in need of, I have to take a moment to let you all know that the Lodge is in need of a Shopper.  This is one of those un-noticed positions that is truly critical to the daily routine of our Lodge.  The Shopper buys, literally, every item of food that our Members cook for us.  If you have free time, enjoy a challenge and are interested in being an integral part of our Lodge, please let our ER Rick Burton know.

As long as I am asking for volunteers I want all of my readers to be aware of a new program that Gina Monaghan is starting.  She is recruiting Elk Ambassadors, Members who would be willing to contact and mentor newly initiated Members into our Elk family.  We all remember the first few times we entered the Lodge as brand new Members.  This program will put a new Elk in contact with an existing Member who will ‘show them the ropes’ and make sure our new Members are shown all the great things our Lodge has to offer.  I think this is a great idea and think it will make a huge difference to our new Members.  If you are interested, look for Gina in the Lodge and talk to her about it.  Besides, she’s a cutie I think, but I’m a little biased.

Enough rambling for now.  Time to head out to the porch to see if that cute dog is back.  Bartender, a Rolling Rock if you please, and a slice of lime if you please.

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