From Your Exalted Ruler

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my year as your ER has flown by. Our Lodge is growing, showing positive membership gains again this year and I would love to see that growth continue during the next two months. Bring your friends in and show them what great things our Lodge does for our charities.

February and March are our busiest months of our year. Our winter members are back and things are happening at the Lodge. If you see an event coming up on the calendar and can spare some time volunteering, please see our House Committee members. It takes a village to put on so many events, so volunteering just an hour or two per month would be a huge help.

Last month we held our annual Boys and Girls Club Christmas Party. Thank you to Sandy Fuschetti for organizing the event and all the volunteers who came to wrap presents and spend a little time with the kids who look forward to this party all year long. I also want to personally thank Santa for coming all the way down to Lakeland for the party!

We recently provided freshly cooked meals for Lakeland’s Bravest for New Year’s Day. Sandy Fuschetti spearheaded this event, and we delivered a hot southern dinner to every fire station in Lakeland. I want to thank Sandy and all the Members who helped cook and deliver the meals to the firefighters as a small thank you for their selfless service to our community.

I cannot begin to tell all of our Members what your support and encouragement has meant to me this year. Our House Committee rocks! Sue Fry and her team of volunteers have gone way beyond the call of duty to make sure our Lodge is the best! Our Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to make sure our Lodge is financially secure now and will remain so for the future. The encouragement and advice I have received from several PER’s and their wives has been priceless! I also want to thank Joyce Zachary and Kristen Francks for all the hard work they do organizing the Antlers. I leave office looking forward to our new year and new leadership. I encourage all Members to support the incoming regime for the new year and hope you show them the love and encouragement that you showed me over this past year.


Vicki Baker