From Your Exalted Ruler

Greetings to all Members of BPOE Lodge 1291.

As we begin a new year within our Lodge, I am honored to serve the Members of our Lodge as the new Exalt-ed Ruler. I will endeavor to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of Exalted Ruler and hope to maintain the high standards that all my predecessors have shown while they were in office.

On that note, I would like my very first action as Exalted Ruler to be thanking our previous Exalted Ruler, Bob Fuschetti for yet another year of wonderful service to our Lodge. During PER Fuschetti’s year, our Lodge not only maintained the high standards we have all come to enjoy at 1291, but surpassed previous years in almost all categories. I give sincere and heartfelt thanks to PER Fuschetti and hope that I can fill his rather sizable shoes.

I would also like to thank the Board of Directors who served our Lodge so well over the past year. It is through the hard work and dedication of the Board that our Lodge not only succeeds, but also grows and thrives. For those Board Members who are leaving the Board of Directors, I wish you the best of luck in your new posi-tions. For those staying on the Board, I look forward to working with you to make our Lodge even more successful in the future. I would also like to specifically thank out-going Board of Directors Chairman Dave Norwine for all the work he has done for the Lodge, not just during this past year, but for all the years of work he has done on the Board. His presence on the Board will be sorely missed.

I would lastly like to thank our House Committee. These people worked tirelessly to maintain our lounge and make sure that each and every Member visiting the Lodge had a warm and friendly place to come. They also planned and carried out numerous dinners, parties and special events, keeping all our Members entertained while also raising funds for assorted programs and charities. I thank each of you for the time you have given to our Lodge, it would not be the same without all the work you did.

I would also like to take the time to welcome two new Trustees to the Board of Directors. This year PER Jim Crosby and Justin Troller, both of whom have previ-ously served as Trustees, will be taking up their positions as Trustees on the Board. I am certain they will be invaluable additions to an already wonderful team. PER Crosby and Member Justin Troller will be taking up seats vacated by Board of Directors Chair David Norwine and newly elected Lecturing Knight John Mathison.

As my year as Exalted Ruler begins, I hope to continue the direction our Lodge has taken over the past years in two main areas. Firstly, I wish to continue our upward climb in membership. In the recent past we have seen an increase in the number of people joining our lodge; a trend I hope we all will do our best to continue. Secondly, I plan to continue to promote volunteerism as a major goal. I urge each and every member to make the time to volunteer a few hours a month to our Lodge, and to participate in our meetings. The more active our membership be-comes, the stronger our Lodge will grow.

Vicki Baker