From Your Exalted Ruler

Greetings to all Members of BPOE Lodge 1291.

The last two months have been a great start for our new year. We have had fun and entertaining events planned by our House Committee and an increase of members coming forward to volunteer. I realize you have all heard it before, but our Lodge can only be as strong as our members make it, so thank you to all our volunteers, both new and old, who donate their time and talent to our Lodge.

Lodge Clean Up Day was held recently, and I think we can all agree that the Lodge looks fantastic! Thanks to all who helped. It was tough work, but very satisfying to see the results.

A special thank you to Tony Bonacum for getting our lodge recognized in the last issue of the Elks State magazine. We are featured not only in the regular section, but also in the Veterans section. If that weren’t enough, Tony also worked very hard on our new Lodge Brochure! Check it out on the podium by the front door. I highly en-courage our members to take a couple and give them to your friends. The brochure highlights some of the things our Lodge does for our charities and our community. Great job Tony!

Everyone should also check our calendar and come out to support our Lodge. We have our Flag Day Ceremony on June 14th and a Summer Picnic on June 23rd where a pair of new members will be cooking brisket. There will also be a corn hole tournament on the 23rd so come on down for fun and food. There is a signup sheet on the bulletin board by the restrooms. On July 28th, we have our annual Christmas Party in July with Skip Frye. Skip is one of my favorite performers and we haven’t had him in the Lodge for quite a while, so come out and hear some fantastic music.

By the time this edition of the Antlers comes out, several of us will have attended the State Convention in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend. I will go out on a limb and predict that all who attended learned a lot of useful in-formation and maybe had some fun along the way.

I will be attending the National Convention in San Antonio, Texas June 30th thru July 4th. I will do my best to represent our Lodge and make us proud. I am certain I will be returning with a ton of information that will be helpful to our Lodge. I will have to miss the Lodge meeting on July 3rd. I trust that our Leading Knight, Rick Burton, will do a fine job filling my shoes for the night….I’m hoping he will find a pair of red heels to represent me.


Vicki Baker