Summer Master Cricket League -Anyone?

If you are interested in playing in the Summer Master Cricket League, please email me and Phil only.   If you are interested, please let us know by May 1.  READ BELOW FOR ALL THE DETAILS!!!!
Ok, guys and gals, we are going to try to do a Summer Master Cricket League on Thursday night.  It will start May 4 and the last week will be June 22.
The league will be for individuals, no teams.  Each week will consist of playing 2 or 3 games of Master Cricket.  (the number of games depends on the number of participants.) We are trying to have 2 divisions.  However, instead of doing an A league and B league like the Fall and Winter leagues, we are going to try to have a Men’s league and Women’s league.  Again, this depends on the number of Women wanting to play.  If we do not have enough women, but have plenty of guys for 2 leagues, we will do the traditional A and B league.
It will be $30 to play in the league.  The league dues will need to be paid the first week of play.  If it is not paid the first week, play will not be allowed.  Since this is an individual league, there is a higher probability someone could just quit a week or two into it.  This will help prevent that.    We will pay out strictly 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each league.
I am working out something else to track, but will update that later.
We will have a playoff the last week of the season.  How many people make the playoff will be determined once we know the number of participants.
Just a quick note on how Master Cricket is played:
The object is to close out all the numbers 15 through 20 and the Bulls Eye before your opponent.  Closing out consists of hitting each number 3 times.  Hitting a double counts as 2, and hitting a triple is worth 3.  In Master Cricket, points can only be scored with a dart that closes out the number first (in other words, if you already hit 2 20’s, then you hit a triple 20, you will get the 40 points as long as your opponent hasn’t closed it already), or once you close ALL numbers and your opponent still has open numbers to score off of.  Once you close out a number you can not point off of it until you close out all the other numbers.  Cricket is a good game to improve your skill.
Hope to see everyone there.  Remember, please only email Phil or myself.  Thanks.
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