Lakeland Lodge Dart Leaque

Come out and have some fun with your fellow elks.

Our Lakeland Elks Golf League plays each Thursday.

6 pm every Thursday evening

It’s a fun and easy evening and it’s Happy Hour on Thursdays!


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Spring Season 2022  -Week 2

Hello Darters,

Reminder:  Dart Dues of $70.00 are due by February 17th.  Please pay the bartender or Shannon.
Clarification:  Once all games on EACH Dart Board are completed the board then becomes available for OPEN PLAY.  Please see Justin for confirmation that a board is actually available for open play.
Kudos:  Great job on the make-up games.  Thank you to everyone for doing your best to make-up the games within a 2 week period!
Next Week:  There will be ready to eat Ribs available next Thursday (2/10/22) compliments of the Dart Committee.
Also, Reverse Draw Tickets are now available for purchase.  Tickets are $50.00 and the event is Saturday, March 5th at 6:30pm.  Please see any Board Member or the Bartender to buy your ticket.  There will only be 200 tickets sold!

Fall Season Week 5

First I want to say a huge THANK YOU!

I only had 1 incomplete score sheet this week!
That Score Sheet is from Division B and is attached to this email. If one of the Team Members will email me the correction I will include your Scores & Tons in next weeks results.

Fall Season 2021

Fall Season… our meeting regarding the Fall Season is on Thursday, August 26th at 6:30 and we will be providing PIZZA for all of you!
PLEASE make every effort to be there as we will be voting on some possible changes to next season.

August 13

We Made It!

Thank you to all of you for your patience this season!  We had 2 new members on the Dart Committee and 1 New Statistician!  Growing pains are never easy!
CONGRATULATIONS to all of you for making this another fun and memorable Dart Season for The Lodge and we hope to see you all back next season.
Speaking of next Season… our meeting regarding the Fall Season is on Thursday, August 26th at 6:30 and we will be providing PIZZA for all of you!
PLEASE make every effort to be there as we will be voting on some possible changes to next season.
Attached are the Results for Week 11 and the FINAL Results for the season!
CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams for moving on to the PLAYOFFS!  You Guys ARE The Best!
ROUND 1 of the Playoffs starts at 6:30 next Thursday and ROUND 2 will start at 8:00, so all Teams need to be at The Lodge and ready to start at 6:30.
A DIVISION 1st Place, Team #10 (Bill & Christine)
2nd Place, Team #8 (Steve & Mark)
3rd Place, Team #7 (John & Kevin)
4th Place, Team #11 (Jonesy & Amanda)
B DIVISION 1st Place, Team #20 (Randy & Sue)
2nd Place, Team #14 (Dennis & Julie)
3rd Place, Team #16 (Eric & Michelle)
4th Place, Team #17 (Greg & Jo)
C DIVISION 1st Place, Team #31 (Car & Rodney)
2nd Place, Team #28 (Darryl & Susan)
3rd Place, Team #26 (Wally & Dennis)
4th Place, Team #24 (Jim & Jannell)

August 8

Tomorrow night is the end the our summer season before play offs. All games not made up by the time Justin leaves the lodge will not be allowed to be made up. We have been more than nice on the time it has taken to make up these games. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We will be having a Fall League meeting on Thursday, 8/26/21 at 6:30. At this meeting we will discuss all the possible changes to the new season. We as a group will vote on any and all changes. We will also give out the winning monies that folks won in the Summer League and we will have pizza for everybody, I promise, we are having a steak dinner at the end of our Fall League!

We have heard we have some new teams joining us, yay! If you don’t have a partner, join us, we will help find you one.  Please make sure they know about our meeting. The more the merrier! Also, if you are not going to play in the Fall League, please let one of us know. You can reply to me ONLY if that is easier.

Any questions or concerns, please let one of us know.

See y’all soon!

Deb, Justin and Shannon

June 20

WOW… can you believe we are already about to start Week 4!   Time sure flies when you’re having fun!  You Dartsters are AMAZING!  (Yes I made that word up!)

Humor me if you will for a little “housekeeping” information:
1. If you are the last team to play at your respective Board/Table, please be sure and put all the Chairs back and WIPE & SANITIZE the Tables & Chairs;
2. On nights when dinner is being served, all Dart Games must be completed by 6:00 p.m. or wait to start until after the dinner is over.  (Sunday is an exception);
3. On League Nights (Thursday) no “fun games” or “make up games” can begin before 8:30 when all League play is over;
4. All Make Up Games must be made up between Thursday and Wednesday of the following week, otherwise the Team who is unable to reschedule will forfeit to their opponent;
5. All Dues for the Dart League must be paid this week. If they are not paid this week any HIGH INs, HIGH OUTs and TONS will not be counted until Due are paid; and
6. When scoring Tons on the Score Sheet Please Only Use One Line for Each Player and separate each ton with a comma… for example… “Susie Que 105, 115, 109.”

Have a great week and if you have any questions call Justin!  🙂

June 18

Dart dues are due, only $45.00 per player and must be paid by the end of our 4th week, 6/24/21. If NOT paid by then, none of your tons or high ins and outs will count. Christy is more than happy to help you.

On another note, make up games. When there is a meal (except for Sunday’s)  games must be completed by 6:00 PM or played after 7:30 PM. Thanks to all who played last night and understood our situation!

So far so good for a fun new season! We have so many new folks playing, welcome to our new members!


Summer League 2021

The Lodge Summer League is now playing. Come on down on Thursdays.


Season 27 Suspended -7/21

The 27th Season has been suspended and all money paid in will be returned including dinner.
Dart Money is being kept in the safe ($3705.00) to be returned.
Envelopes will be grouped by division .
Please initial that you have received the money as stated on the sheet.
You are required to have a current Membership Card to enter the Lodge. (Grand Lodge Rule)
Lodge Treasurer has balanced with Shannon’s records. Any discrepancies see Shannon, Dart Treasurer.
Sorry it took so long, The committee decided this was the only fair way because of
other circumstances. If you wish to donate your portion to any charity of the Lodge
just inform the bartender and they can input into the register and we will make sure it gets
to the charity you have selected.
Yes, you can sign for your spouse and collect that money also, please make sure the envelope has the stated amount inside, we are only human.
If you could call or text the bartender it would help them have the envelopes ready for you when arriving, we keep them in the safe for less confusion behind the bar.
Chuck please advise the bartenders for the above so we can put season 27 away.
We don’t know if we will have another season yet, the pandemic is a contributing factor in the Boards  of the Director’s decision.
This is my last official duty for this season and I will be resigning from the Dart committee,
once this is completed


Week 9

Team 26 C Division has dropped out of the League. I have gone through the wins and losses and added wins and points to each team that they have played. Each team has been awarded 3 wins and 18 points. All Teams should be at 21 games or 24 games if the last week is a bye. Please get games completed by the end of next week so we can have all games completed by the end of the 11 week for the playoffs//Thanks


Week 5; -Cricket Tournament Results

Our first mid season Cricket tournament is done and we had some good games played last night. We had almost half of the league show up and we hope everyone had some fun and are ready to get back to the second half of our regular season and make a run for the playoffs.
Congratulations go out to our Winners
In the first division Ralph and Mike cruised through the winners bracket only to be bested by Bob Fuschetti and Ed Carley who battled back from the losers bracket to take the title from them in 2 games. Bruce and Sherree wound up taking 3rd.
Tina and Dave took First place in the second division and did so without losing a game. Denise and Jason just beat out our newcomers Mike and Melissa for second place.
Week 10, March 19th will be our 2nd Cricket tournament and we are looking forward to even more teams competing and honing their skills before the playoffs begin.
Thanks to all that participated and we’ll see you at the lodge.

Week 5; -Feb 15 Update -Cricket tournament

This is designed to be a fun, change of pace voluntary participation week for all of our members.
The format is going to be a double elimination round robin tournament.
We are not doing a blind draw for teams. Teams will consist of the existing teams from our regular season roster. In the event one member of a team is unable to play any sub for that player will be allowed to play. If you do not have a sub we may be able to pair you up with another league member whose partner is unavailable.
We would like as many teams as possible to be here by 5:30 pm for registration and play will start at 6:00 pm.  I realize not all teams can be here by that time so we are allowing sign up to continue until 7:30 pm.
The cost will $5 per player and prize money will be awarded to the top 3 or 4 places in each division.
I anticipate that we will have 3 or 4 divisions depending on the turnout.
Please respond to me only if you intend to play or if your partner will be unavailable and you still wish to play so that I can get a better idea of the participation level for the night.  No one will be officially signed up though until arriving in person by the 7:30 deadline.
I hope to see as many of you as possible and we are looking forward to this new twist to our season.
See you on Thursday.
Phil, JC, and Shannon

Week 4; Feb 7 update

Many teams have not played because of illness with the Flu stuff
Will correct when teams have played//jc

Season 27 -Complete Schedule & Roster

Season 27 Complete Schedule & Roster


Season 27, First Three Weeks Schedule

Here are the first 3 weeks of our schedule. I have included all bye weeks for the entire season. I will send out the remainder of the schedule in another week or so. Bye weeks will not be adjusted but preferred times of play might be.
Good luck to all,

Season 27 – Roster

Season 27 Divisions-Roster


Dart League Season 27 -Unofficial Roster

I am attaching a copy of a schedule blank and an unofficial roster of the teams with divisional breakdowns. The divisions are not final yet.
What I am requesting is any time that is difficult for you to make on a weekly basis and any specific dates that you believe you will not be available for play. Also if you know of a specific time on any given week that you might not be available please include that to.
Here are examples of what I am looking for:
Ex. 1
6:30 – Unavailable most weeks
7:30 – Open
8:30 – Prefer
Out of town on 1/30.
Ex. 2
6:30 – Prefer
7:30 – Difficult but possible
8:30 – Unavailable all weeks
Need to play @ 6:30 on 2/13 and 3/19
Ex. 3 (I like this one)
Whatever you need
Remember that all teams need to be available at 7:30. As always I will do my best to accommodate all requests and preferences but exceptions and compromises should be expected.
Thanks to all and I hope you are excited about this season as I am.

Dart League Season 27 -Meeting

Just a reminder and confirmation that we will be having our meeting on Thursday Jan 9th at 6:30 pm. The meeting is not mandatory but as always we encourage everyone to attend. League play will start the following week on the 16th.
We will be seeing some new faces, finalizing our rosters and going over a few proposals for rule changes for the upcoming season. If you know of anyone interested in playing who is not on this email please invite them to join us for the meeting or they can contact JC, Shannon or myself.
If you have not confirmed or let us know whether or not you are playing, playing with a new partner, or searching for a partner please reply to me before the meeting if possible. This will give us better idea of what our season will look like regarding the schedule and division placements.
Thanks to all and hope to see you next week.

2020 Season about to Start

Merry Christmas and a happy New year to everyone!

Our winter dart league is starting in January. Are you ready? Please let me, JC  or Phil know if you are playing in the next league.  RESPOND to me only or let any of us know. If you know of any new folks that want to play, there will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board between the bathrooms tomorrow (thanks David Bell). Also if you need a partner sign up!

As soon as we find out how many teams, we will work on a start date and schedule.

Here’s a to 2020 and Art and I playing better!


Shannon aka She

Finals  11/16

Thank all of you for being so patient with us this season it has been tough and we are going to make it better in the future.

These are the final standings and if your name appears on the A B or C standings
you will be receiving cash reward for your efforts.

Steaks will be served at 6:30 Thursday nite and awards right after dinner//jc


Season Playoffs

Congratulations to all of our playoff contenders. We are doing the same format as last year. All B and C Division matches need to start no later than 6:30 PM on Thursday.  A division matches will start as boards become available. This should be around 7:30 but we would like all A teams to be here and ready to play by 7.
I have attached a copy of the playoff brackets.
Also we would like to see as many of you as possible to support our league and lodge. Playoff night is a lot of fun with plenty of trash talk and entertaining competition.
Thanks to all for another fun season.


A div playoffs are set
Teams 2, 1, 6, 4
B Div Playoffs are set
Teams 11, 16, 14, 17
C Div playoffs are set
Teams 28, 25, 22, 21

C Div has one match to complete by Sunday for this week.Team 22 with 1 win in that match can move to 2nd place but will still play team 25.

Good Luck with the playoffs.

Phil will be sending out the times for the final matches, all games must be played
on the scheduled night, no subs or make up are aloud.

1st place team in C div will not play they are going to be out on a cruise, so that will
move each team up 1 place for the standings//jc


Nov 1st update

One more week to go for end of season and playoffs
Some teams have already played the total of 27 games so we can have some
rather interesting results at the end of week 13//jc


Oct 24 Update:

We are finally caught up with our games.
I have been asked about playoffs.

Rules state:
No substitutes allow and no make up times, must be played on schedule or forfeit
This gives us time to get all the prep ready and done for the following week.

Dinner and prize money to be awarded

This has been a challenging season to say the least, I agree with most we have to
find a way to stop the byes. We understand when the teams are odd it will happen but
hopefully we can work on a solution so we don’t have to go through this again.
It has been what seems like a long season but still only 14 weeks.

We will be sending out notice of the next league around the end of Dec so be on the look out
for a brand new season/

I am attaching week 10- A div, for those who have completed the make up games



Oct 18th update:

We have 2 weeks left and this has been a very tough season for makeup’s and bye’s.
Take a look at each of your team standing and with the games left and any games you haven’t played your total games for the season should be 27.


Thursday, 8/15 -starting the new Season 26…

The first evening of play was Thursday. Check the scores for each group using the buttons above.


TUESDAY JULY 30TH, 7:00 PM -Sign up Meeting

-New Season

Hello again,
We are having a meeting on Tuesday, July 30th at 7:00pm. We will be signing up new teams and pairing interested players with partners.
If you know of anyone interested in playing, please give them my email address or have them come into the lodge and sign up on our sign up sheet. I am looking for email addresses, phone numbers and whether or not they have a partner.
We will have a flyer up shortly at the lodge to help ensure we get in contact with all those that are interested in playing.
After the meeting and a few more days to coordinate, we will have the final number of teams and can start on a schedule. We estimate the season should be starting on Aug 8th or 15th.
There has been a lot of interest from many new players. we are expecting the biggest field we have had which is great news for the lodge and make for a great season.
It will be a long season but each team should have 2 bye weeks but we will still finish at least a week before Thanksgiving.
If you have any question or comments, please send them to me only.
Let’s get the word out and prepare for one heck of a season.
Thanks to all,

Blind Draw Darts Recap- 7/23 (End of Season)

I would like to thank everyone that could come out and play this season of Blind Draw Darts.
We had up to 10 teams playing last week, with multiple weeks with 9 teams.  So much fun had by all.
This Thursday will be the last official week this year for the Blind Draw Darts as the official league play is about to start.
As for the rolled over fun throw for a triple if not completed this week, We will be donated all proceed to the “KidsPack” program for the school children that need help.
If anyone has a problem with this please feel free to contact me directly.
See everyone next season and keep the darts straight and on target.
David Bell

Blind Draw Darts Recap- 5/11

Hi Everyone! 
Thank you to everyone that came out to play Blind Draw Darts on Thursday night!  We had 7 teams who all played very well and the competition was tight.  Benny and Jack took the final game of 3 to win it!  They won all of the games in their rounds with the exception of 1.  Mac and Tina came in second with two loses to Benny and Jack.
Benny’s number was pulled out for the jackpot round, however, he was not a winner so the jackpot is ROLLING OVER to next week’s drawing.  Don’t delay in getting your tickets for next week’s drawing for a chance to throw for the pot!
Thank you to Denise and Gina for their assistance as this made for a very smooth evening and fun was had by all!
We look forward to seeing everyone next week!  Mark Thursdays as your dart night over the summer and come out and play!  Feel free to spread the word to those who may not be on this list and guests are also welcome to participate.
Registration is at 6:45 pm with play beginning at 7 pm every Thursday.  If you have any questions, please contact David Bell directly and have a great weekend!

Thursday Night Blind Drawer Darts

Hi Everyone!  I am sending this out on behalf of David Bell who is running the Thursday Night Blind Draw Darts.  Should you have questions or need additional information, please direct them to David DIRECTLY at: or 813-541-3818.
Don’t forget about the BLIND DRAW DARTS TOMORROW, Thursday, 5/9!  Registration is at 6:30 pm and play begins at 7 pm.  Come out, practice and possibly win some $$$! It’s only $5 per person to play and you don’t lose out on this AWESOME opportunity to advance over the summer to get ready for the Fall Season.  This would be a great addition to the Darts Clinic on Tuesdays and give you an advantage in winning some BIG $$$ in Blind Draw over the summer!
BLIND DRAW DARTS are every Thursday with registration at 6:30 and play begins at 7 pm Hope to see you there!!  Help spread the word to those that are not on this darts distribution list.

There is also a Blind Draw Darts Facebook Group…request to join today at:

Christy is our Thursday night bartender, so come out, practice, play, win $$ and show Christy some LOVE!
Thank you,  Gina

Fun Thursday Darts -Summer Season

I am not ready to start Fun Thursday Dart this week.
I have plans to start nest week with Sign up between 6:30 and 6:45 and start Darts at 7 pm.
Blind Draw, games will be determined based on how many time show up.
I will keep you posted on Monday nest week as a reminder.
David Bell

Final Results Season 25

Great job this season. We had some interesting results for the season.
Next Dart Season (Season 26) will start in August. Anybody can play and we hope to have more teams in the Fall.
If you want to keep your skill level up Dave and others are getting a
group together Thursday nite’s for a blind draw, anybody can play. Any Tues., except meeting nite, Gina has us getting together  for training and improving your dart skills.  So come on down and have some fun//jc
We are finally all set for Thursday. I want to thank everyone for a great season. There was excitement and competition right down to the final week of the season in each division. Regardless of how you finished, we hope you had a great time and will be back for our summer/fall league.
Again, thanks to all for your support of our league and the lodge. We hope to see everyone here this Thursday to root for (or against) our remaining contenders as they vie for a spot on our wall.

The playoff match-ups and times are as follows:

C Division – Matches start @ 6:30 PM
Match 1 – Tina & Dave vs. Julie & Tom on board 2.
Match 2 – Alice & Mel vs. Sherree & Bruce on board 3.
B Division – Matches start @ 6:30 PM
Match 1 – Donny & Leroy vs. Rick & Keith on board 1.
Match 2 – Chris & Randall vs. Tom & Greg on board 4.
A Division – Matches start @ approximately 7:45 PM
Match 1 – Carmen & Jack vs. Vickie & Kyle on 1st available board.
Match 2 – John & Phil vs. Mac & Dennis on 2nd available board.

Allrighty everyone.

4/12    Just some thoughts, anybody interest let Dave know at darts tonight and we can get this started Maybe in May//jc

Summer fun Darts

Hi everybody.

I was wanting to see how many of you would like to participate in a Thursday evening fun dart night after the season ends next week. Dates TBD.

Good chance to come out and keep Thursday night going at the Lodge.

First timers get a chance to play and everyone gets to Practice their skills.

Want to meet some new people and players. Get ready for next season.

I’m Thinking Blind draw with $5 entrée fee with statistic for the night just for fun.

Top teams finishing each week to split pot. TBD

I have talked with some Volunteers to help with this like JC, Mac and Christine W. and want to thank them up front as I will not be able to stay late to see the finished most nights.

Please let us know so we can make plans on what we will be doing.


David Bell    813-541-3818



Where has this season gone? We are in our final week for tons and high ins and outs! Good luck to everyone.

Our banquet is April 25th and it is time to let me know if you need an extra dinner and if you want chicken. If I don’t hear from you, we will have a juicy steak for you. PLEASE, reply to only ME for additional meals for a cost of $12.00 each and your request for a chicken meal. P!ease do not tell me if you need any of this, email me, text me or give a hand written more cause I will probably be having a cocktail next time you see me!!

Again, good luck to everyone and thanks for another great season!

She (aka Shannon)



Last Week coming up for all the darters and High in and outs. Good Luck.
Those of you who don’t know your membership must be paid to play and buy drinks//jc
Great season guys looking forward to the playoff!!
We have some games in C div yet to play but this is a majority of the games played. 3 week to play and then the playoffs, Good luck to all//jc
Remember to get your dues paid so you can finish the games, April 1 the old cards will not work anymore.
I have some sad news for our darters. Jim and Jibby will have to withdraw from the rest of the dart season. We were informed yesterday by message from Shannon. Medical reason that I am not at liberty to say.
In the act of fair play your Committee of 3 JC, Phil, and Shannon have agreed to let the first half of the season thru week 7 stand as they are now. Beginning in Week 8 ( Jim and Jibby bye) and all teams that have or will
Play team 25 will have 3 wins added to their standing as a forfeit. Any All Star Points that were accumulated for teams in the 9th and 10th weeks will be removed from the stats. Jibby will retain her high in for the first game of 133 (week 6) until a higher number is recorded. They have paid all the dues required. We feel this is a fair and just solution and apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused and thank you in advance for your support of this decision.
Team 21 is scheduled to play Jim and Jibby this week and it will be considered a forfeit.  So Board 1 and 4 will be open at the 6:30 slot if anyone would like to move into those slots.
Your Committee
Jc, Phil and Shannon


Season 25; Schedule (rev 1/27)

Season 25 Schedule rev 3

Season 25; Roster

Season 25 Roster rev 2

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