Want a Lodge Christmas Parade Float?

An Elks 1291 Christmas Parade Float?

Recently the idea of our Lodge building a Christmas themed float for entry into the Lakeland Christmas Parade has been  brought up at the Lodge. Our Lodge had entered floats in the past and actually won first place with a float themed ‘The Island of Misfit Toys’.

PER Jim Crosby has said he would gladly donate the use of a trailer to be the base of a float, and a truck to tow it. He even has a certain elf who would volunteer to drive the truck (JC’s son). JC and several others were instrumental in building the floats in the past, and estimates that it would take somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 volunteers to build and then decorate the float, as well as people to be on the float during the parade.

If you are interested in volunteering and have any ideas or input, please let any Lodge officer know. There is a deadline for us to sign up for the parade, so if we DO decided to attempt this, the sooner we have an idea of volunteer interest, the better .

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