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Chair                         Chairperson

Antlers Editor                      Joyce Zachary

Drug Awareness                  Sandy Fuschetti

ENF                                     Sandy Fuschetti & Jim “JC” Crosby, PER

Indoctrination                       Jacquie Rehner, PER

Lapsation                             Walter Thomas

Lodge Activities                    Rick Burton

Lodge Mediator                    Steve Masterson, PER

Scholarship Golf                   David Norwine

Government Relations          Bill Nordon

Harry Anna Trust                  Mary Allphin

PER Association                    Bob Fuschetti, PER

Public Relations                   Tony Bonacum

Accident Prevention              Bob Lutz

Veterans Services                 Char Fisher & Kristen Francks

Hoop Shoot/Soccer Shoot    Bob Fuschetti, PER

Youth Activities                    Sandy Fuschetti

Flag Day                               Bob Fuschetti, PER

Lodge Advisor                     Jacquie Rehner, PER

Americanism                        Vicki Baker & John “Mac” McArthur

Presiding Justice                  John Wendel, Esq.

Audit Committee                  Vicki Baker

Membership                        Walter Thomas

House Committee                Suzanne Fry

Hall Rental                          Jim “JC” Crosby, PER

Grant Coordinator               Char Fisher

Community Activities            Dan Gilbert