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2020-2021 Officers


Officer swear-in

Swearing in of the New Officers for 2020/2021 during the lock down.

Exalted  Ruler

John Mathison, ER

Leading Knight

Chuck Wolfe

Loyal  Knight

Phil Lawson

Lecturing Knight

Chris Porche


John “Mac” McArthur


Rob Swan


Sandy Bates

Inner Guard

Mike Butler


Rick Littlejohn


JC Crosby


Marie Whitney

1 Year Trustee

Sher Thrush

2 Year Trustee

Walter Thomas

3 Year Trustee

Justin Troller

4 Year Trustee

Jim Mosier

5 Year Trustee

Vicki Baker

Past Exalted Rulers

Gerald Morris  1973-1974
Harold Stipchick  1988-1989
Doug Schmidt  1990-1991
Peter J. McKenna  1991-1992
G. Ed Henson, PDDGER  1994-1995
James H. Crosby  1995-1996 / 2002-2003
Larry Copperman PDDGER  1996-1997
Michael J. Carney, PDDGER 1998-1999 / 2006-2007
Darrell R. Butcher  1999-2000
Daisey Libbert  2000-2001
Allan Leonard   2001-2002
Bob Oakley  2003-2004
Rebecca Daniel  2004-2005
Steve Masterton  2005-2006
Ted Martzloff, DDGER  2007-2008
Garry Malone  2008-2009
Hank Schaus  2009-2010
Rod Hamlet  2010-2011
Jacquie Moore  2011-2012
Bob Fuschetti  2012-2014 / 2017-2018
Tom Crider  2014-2015
Chris Crider 2015-2016
Mark Daniels 2016-2017
Vicki Baker 2018-2019
Rick Burton 2019-2020