Lakeland Lodge Dart Leaque

Come out and have some fun with your fellow elks.

Our Lakeland Elks Golf League plays each Thursday.

6 pm every Thursday evening

It’s a fun and easy evening and it’s Happy Hour on Thursdays!


Notice for all Dart players…


Banquet update:

Wow, where did this dart season go?!?!

Our banquet will be November 8 at 6:30! Please let me know by November 1st if you are bringing a guest. Additional meals are only $12.00. You can give me cash or check or Christy can put it on your tab.

I also need to know who wants chicken by November 1st, this includes any guests.

Please respond to me only on the above!

Good luck to everyone in this last official weeks of play! This is your last chance for tons or high ins and outs.



Final Results

C Division
3rd Place – Chris P and Randall
2nd Place – Benny and Anna
1st Place – John M and Rob
B Division
3rd Place – Tom and Greg
2nd Place – Donny and Leroy
1st Place – Mac and Vicki B
A Division
3rd Place – Justin and Bob
2nd Place – Kyle and Vickie C
1st Place – John V and Phil
Congratulations to the winners and a special thanks to all that participated this season. #1291 is well represented by each of you.
See you all next week at the banquet.

Season Update:

All set for Thursday. B&C division 1st round matches start by 6:00 pm at the latest. 2nd round & A division matches will start as boards become available.
Hope to see as many of you as possible come out and support the lodge and our league.
6:00 games
C Division
#1 Chris & Randall vs #4 Benny & Anna on Board #2
#2 Jim & Jannell vs #3 John & Rob on Board #3
B Division
#1 Mac & Vicki vs #4 Rick & Ed on Board #1
#2 Donny & Leroy vs #3 Tom & Greg on Board #4
A Division (approximately 7:30) Please be at the lodge by 7:00
#1 Kyle & Vickie vs #4 Joe & Christine
#2 John & Phil vs #3 Justin & Bob
A and C Division are set, B Div has a game Sunday and Tues to scramble positions. 2 B Teams are set and will be in, but can change playing positions,,,Good Luck//jc
Team 1 will play team 4 and Team 2 will play 4, this is by ranking, best 2 out of 3.
If the first 2 games are won then the third game will not play. Format will be from Phil so keep looking for the games to be played//jc

After almost an entire season of ponderance we have decided to stay with the same playoff format. Top 4 teams from each division will make the playoffs. Also we will play all the playoff games on November 1st.

We will be moving the dinner up one week to the 8th.

Playoffs will be starting @ 6 pm in order to get all 3 divisions games played by a decent time of night. Playoff schedule will be sent out as the teams are determined.

Thank you all for a very smooth and hopefully fun season.
He, She & It
After much deliberation and many sleepless nights we have come up with the rosters and schedule for the start of our fall 2018 league. We are working on another modified playoff schedule which we will present shortly and ask for your opinions. Overall, I feel like we have a very fair and competitive season ahead of us and we should have lots of fun and comradarie, as is the goal of each season. Once again, please remember, if you need a sub, contact myself, or JC first. In addition, if you cannot play at your scheduled time, both your opponents and JC, Shannon and myself must be notified. Finally, please make sure all games are started on time and strive to play within the hour allotted for each match.
Good luck to all.

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Season 24; Schedule and Roster Rev 9/2

Season 24 Schedule & Roster rev b

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