Lakeland Lodge Dart Leaque

Come out and have some fun with your fellow elks.

Our Lakeland Elks Golf League plays each Thursday.

6 pm every Thursday evening

It’s a fun and easy evening and it’s Happy Hour on Thursdays!


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Final Results Season 25

Great job this season. We had some interesting results for the season.
Next Dart Season (Season 26) will start in August. Anybody can play and we hope to have more teams in the Fall.
If you want to keep your skill level up Dave and others are getting a
group together Thursday nite’s for a blind draw, anybody can play. Any Tues., except meeting nite, Gina has us getting together  for training and improving your dart skills.  So come on down and have some fun//jc
We are finally all set for Thursday. I want to thank everyone for a great season. There was excitement and competition right down to the final week of the season in each division. Regardless of how you finished, we hope you had a great time and will be back for our summer/fall league.
Again, thanks to all for your support of our league and the lodge. We hope to see everyone here this Thursday to root for (or against) our remaining contenders as they vie for a spot on our wall.

The playoff match-ups and times are as follows:

C Division – Matches start @ 6:30 PM
Match 1 – Tina & Dave vs. Julie & Tom on board 2.
Match 2 – Alice & Mel vs. Sherree & Bruce on board 3.
B Division – Matches start @ 6:30 PM
Match 1 – Donny & Leroy vs. Rick & Keith on board 1.
Match 2 – Chris & Randall vs. Tom & Greg on board 4.
A Division – Matches start @ approximately 7:45 PM
Match 1 – Carmen & Jack vs. Vickie & Kyle on 1st available board.
Match 2 – John & Phil vs. Mac & Dennis on 2nd available board.

Allrighty everyone.

4/12    Just some thoughts, anybody interest let Dave know at darts tonight and we can get this started Maybe in May//jc

Summer fun Darts

Hi everybody.

I was wanting to see how many of you would like to participate in a Thursday evening fun dart night after the season ends next week. Dates TBD.

Good chance to come out and keep Thursday night going at the Lodge.

First timers get a chance to play and everyone gets to Practice their skills.

Want to meet some new people and players. Get ready for next season.

I’m Thinking Blind draw with $5 entrée fee with statistic for the night just for fun.

Top teams finishing each week to split pot. TBD

I have talked with some Volunteers to help with this like JC, Mac and Christine W. and want to thank them up front as I will not be able to stay late to see the finished most nights.

Please let us know so we can make plans on what we will be doing.


David Bell    813-541-3818



Where has this season gone? We are in our final week for tons and high ins and outs! Good luck to everyone.

Our banquet is April 25th and it is time to let me know if you need an extra dinner and if you want chicken. If I don’t hear from you, we will have a juicy steak for you. PLEASE, reply to only ME for additional meals for a cost of $12.00 each and your request for a chicken meal. P!ease do not tell me if you need any of this, email me, text me or give a hand written more cause I will probably be having a cocktail next time you see me!!

Again, good luck to everyone and thanks for another great season!

She (aka Shannon)



Last Week coming up for all the darters and High in and outs. Good Luck.
Those of you who don’t know your membership must be paid to play and buy drinks//jc
Great season guys looking forward to the playoff!!
We have some games in C div yet to play but this is a majority of the games played. 3 week to play and then the playoffs, Good luck to all//jc
Remember to get your dues paid so you can finish the games, April 1 the old cards will not work anymore.
I have some sad news for our darters. Jim and Jibby will have to withdraw from the rest of the dart season. We were informed yesterday by message from Shannon. Medical reason that I am not at liberty to say.
In the act of fair play your Committee of 3 JC, Phil, and Shannon have agreed to let the first half of the season thru week 7 stand as they are now. Beginning in Week 8 ( Jim and Jibby bye) and all teams that have or will
Play team 25 will have 3 wins added to their standing as a forfeit. Any All Star Points that were accumulated for teams in the 9th and 10th weeks will be removed from the stats. Jibby will retain her high in for the first game of 133 (week 6) until a higher number is recorded. They have paid all the dues required. We feel this is a fair and just solution and apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused and thank you in advance for your support of this decision.
Team 21 is scheduled to play Jim and Jibby this week and it will be considered a forfeit.  So Board 1 and 4 will be open at the 6:30 slot if anyone would like to move into those slots.
Your Committee
Jc, Phil and Shannon


Season 25; Schedule (rev 1/27)

Season 25 Schedule rev 3

Season 25; Roster

Season 25 Roster rev 2