Committee Report December 2020

Christmas Donation to James A Haley Veteran Hospital Foster Veteran Program.

On December 9, 2020 we donated just over $1,200.00 to the James A Haley VA Hospital Medical Foster Home Program.  This included a $50 gift card and an oversized throw/blanket for 18 Foster veterans that are in this program. 

The gifts were truly appreciated, as quoted from Kathryn Bryant, CTRS, CBIS, their program director  “Thank you  ALL so much for your generous gifts; the blankets will be sure to keep us warm and cozy and the money will give us independence to spread some of our own Holiday cheer or give an opportunity to purchase a much needed item or two.   Thank you Thank you Thank YOU Lakeland Elks ❤  We know we are remembered and much appreciate our continued support from YOU ALL.  Have a very special Holiday season!  Love, the VA Home Based Primary Care Medical Foster Veterans 😊 “

Foster Veterans Gifts

(l-R) Kathryn Bryant, CTRS, CBIS of James A Haley Hospital and Char Fisher, Lakeland Elks Veterans Committee Chair


Lunch Provided For Patients at James A Haley Veterans Hospital

On Friday December 18, 2020, we delivered a Christmas lunch to the Spinal Cord Injury Department at James A Haley VA Hospital.  We worked with Geoff Hopkins the Supervisor of Recreation Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy and followed their COVID restrictions to feed 80 patients a Chick-Fil-A lunch.  We also sent signed Christmas cards and candy canes to be distributed with each meal to give the veterans some holiday cheer.

Chick Fil A Lunch

Standing Lakeland Elks Steve Masterton, PER and Char Fisher Veteran Committee Chair, with Geoff Hopkins Supervisor of Recreation Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy at James A Haley Hospital


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