In conclusion…
The purpose of this historical presentation is to preserve our history and and the memories we have over the past 100 years. Our original home on Massachusetts Avenue was considered a city landmark at the time. We now enjoy a beautiful Lodge located on Harden Blvd. which enables us to carry on the  traditions, we do as Elks.
A 100 Year Planning Committee has been formed and is already at work planning many events in celebration of our birthday. We can be proud of the past 100 years and all that we have accomplished.  Now we have the next 100 years to look forward to see what new accomplishments are to be made. Remember!! “Elks Care – Elks Share“. 
The Elks core  beliefs of , Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity continues to rule us all.

The highest honors possible to bestow upon anyone, certainly is extended to the many ladies that throughout the Elks history, have donated incalcuble hours on behalf of the Elks in a  number of services, including the now defunct Elks Cripple Children’s Hospital. This is also true of the many Exalted Rulers, Officers and all of those volunteers who gave of their time and money.  We had another first for our Lodge this year when Jacquie Moore’s Dad, Donald Roll PPDGER installed as Exalted Ruler for 2011-2012.

We can all be proud to call ourselves “Elks”. Lets always remember that “Elks Care – Elks Share”.  A Fine hospitality as always emulated the life of our Lodge. Lets make sure this hospitality and our good works continue. The Benvolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America did not attain its’ present status by being timid or focusing its’ eyes inward. It became great by looking outward, by boldly pursuing benevolent projects for the benefits of children, our military and others. We in Elkdom, offer the opportunity to work and reap the rewards born of the satisfaction of having helped others who are less fortunate than we.

A special thanks is in order to those who helped with the research needed to compile this historical overview of our Lodge.  Especially: FSEA Secretary Carl Seibert, Frank Ziegele PER,  Doug Schmidt PER and Ted Martzloff PER. Every effort was made to cross reference all of the information to insure accuracy. I trust this will become a lasting record for future reference fo generations to come.

Respectively and Fraternally
David L. Kay, Esteemed Leading Knight, 2011-2012